Portable Hand Sanitizer

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55 ml portable hand sanitizer


1. It can kill 99% bacteria effectively. (Staphylococcus aureus, escherichiacoil,Candida,albicans,etc.)
2. No need to wash with water, protecting your health any-time, anywhere
3. Not sticky after use, quick-drying
4. Travel size: 55ml (1.86oz)
5. Moisturizing gel: alcohol hand sanitizers is a moisturizing gel that leaves your hands soft, smooth and maintains your skin’s natural pH; the hand sanitizer gel also doesn't leave any gel residue (which could actually attract more germs) like conventional sanitizers hand gel do

ProductCompositions: ethanol, water, glycerin, propylene glycol,etc,
Product Capacity: 55ml (1.86oz)
Bottle Szie: 9.7cm * 3.8cm (3.81in * 1.50in)
Propertty: colorless, transparent liquid
Usage: apply appropriate amount of this product to the palm, rub with both hands until dry without washing.

1. This product is for external use, no taken orally, avoid contact with eyes,and keep away from reach of children.
2. Use with caution for alcohol allergy.
3. Shelf Life: 24 months

Package included:
1 x Hand Sanitizer


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